Mr. Josip Heit

Chairman of the Board

Josip HEIT the chairman of the GSB PLC, an active company for more 10 years, has numerous years of experience gained in financial and the sale of precious metals, especially gold, in Europe, Asia, America and South America. Mr. Josip HEIT has also extensive knowledge in the field of mining precious metals and mineral ores.

Mr. Alexandru Cocindau

Chief Technology Officer

Alexandru COCINDAU, the Chief Technology Officer, with extensive experience in Blockchain Technology, he strongly believes that performance means work, seriousness and professionalism. Mr. Cocindau is driven by the desire to solve problems and take this technology to the next level.

Ms. Irina Braha

Chief of Customer Support

The Chief of Customer Support has the primary objective of driving the vision for consistency in customer support standards. The first and most prominent role is to provide leadership and direction to the entire customer support department.

Mr. Claudiu Sandu

Support Manager

The Support Manager supervise the maintenance and security of technical services and information within an organization, as well as ensuring adequate training and abilities of Support employees.