Email Over Blockchain

The G999 team combines the passion, industry experience & proven records in development to bring the best in the blockchain technology. Encrypted e-mails over the blockchain are ultra-secure & private.

Imagine the first e-mail in the world where there is no more spam, the messages are sent and confirmed, so there are no lost messages on the way anymore.

G999 encrypts the email message with the receiver's public key (address) offline at the client-side. The message sent is validated by the network for authenticity and is delivered to the recipient.

The encrypted emails can only be read by the receiver using the G999 online e-mail application. For each e-mail sent using our blockchain technology a small amount of G999 will be paid for the transaction.

The Decentralized E-mail

The blockchain network is the underlying infrastructure that supports the G999 e-mail service that operates in a decentralized ecosystem. Our e-mail system uses the PoS algorithm, which provides faster transactions and less energy consumption.

G999 encrypts emails on the client-side with the recipient's public key. The emails sent on the network are verified for their authenticity. This avoids any hacks of modified headers and spam emails possible in existing email protocols.

There is no central point that stores your messages, so there is nowhere to steal or even submit a request for your private data.

True Privacy For Your Communications

In the G999 e-mail system, there is no central server, so there is no third party to trust. Even we cannot locate your messages or derive your password, ever. ONLY those who know your password have access.

There is no central point that stores your messages, so there is nowhere to steal or even submit a request for your private data.

Most of the free email services out there, like Gmail and Outlook, keep your data safe from outside attackers. However, more often than not, they intrude on your data to post ads or give even more information in case of any criminal activity. While this may not bother a lot of people, others are more privacy-conscious and will not like it.

End-to-End Encryption

All your emails are locked with a unique key that‘s stored only on your side, which means only you and your intended recipient can read the emails you send.

Forward Secrecy

Every email is encrypted with its own unique key. This means that if a key is compromised it cannot be used to access your entire inbox.

Privacy meets ease of use

We don't store any of your private information about you or your messages, we don't require any registration, so we don't need any of your data like other classic e-mail services.

Why Is G999 E-mail Safe and Secure?

But How Does G999 E-mail Really Works?

The content of the E-mail is encrypted with a top-level security protocol ensuring the privacy of the user at all times. Once the encryption is finalized, the message is sent to the servers for processing, providing the client with the fastest delivery time at the lowest cost.

The result of the processing is a series of blocks, each fed separately into the Blockchain, ensuring that the content of the E-mail will remain secure until re-composition.

Once all blocks have been successfully uploaded in the Blockchain, the message is rebuilt block by block and delivered to the recipient. Only then the content is decrypted and displayed, finalizing the G999 E-mail pipeline.

Voice & Chat Over Blockchain

Private communication service means a telecommunication service that entitles the customer to exclusive or priority use of a communications channel or group of channels between or among termination points, regardless of the manner in which such channel or channels are connected, and includes switching capacity, extension lines, stations, and any other associated services that are provided in connection with the use of such channel or channels.

Add to that, various cultures have widely differing views on what a person’s rights are when it comes to privacy and how it should be regulated. As a result, privacy has fast-emerged as perhaps the most significant consumer protection issue—if not citizen protection issue—in the global information economy.

Security vs. Privacy

Security focuses more on protecting data from malicious attacks and the exploitation of stolen data for profit. While security is necessary for protecting data, it’s not sufficient for addressing privacy.

Privacy is now a necessity of doing business. Discussions of privacy and security policies are now happening in boardrooms across the globe, and many of these conversations are zeroing in on what should be done to integrate privacy as an added value to the business. We are already seeing new products and services from startups and established companies alike that are born from the public’s desire for privacy protections.

New applications for smartphones and other connected devices will allow individuals more choice over who learns what about them, and what information about them is shared with the connected environment around them. GDPR regulatory came from the natural desire for privacy, therefore this is one more time a proven necessity.

Introducing The New Privacy Telecommunication

The G999 Voice and Chat app sit alongside the Data Protection Act and the GDPR. We give people specific privacy rights concerning electronic communications, this is why we decided to create the first real voice and chat 100% communication over the blockchain.

The G999 communications are transmitted using G999 coins, for each initiated transaction, the app will decompose the voice message, convert it into binary, and encrypt 100% of it and repeat the revertive process on the receiver's side.

The entire communication is broadcasted over blockchain, and for every 999 bytes, the transaction will be charged a maximum of 15 G999.

The APP is available both for iOS and Android, and it allows any user to install and use it. We strongly believe this can end with the mass adoption of free and private telecommunications.

No Phone Number Required

Unlike the other chat apps on the market, we are not asking for any phone number confirmation on the registration.

No Local Stored Information

It's on the blockchain. 100% on the blockchain. There is no reason to store any of your encrypted information!

No Shared Chats Or Identity

Your chats are 100% private, they can be accessed only by the private key owner. Store it safe for chat recovery!

But How Does It Work?

It's on the blockchain. 100% on the blockchain. Why we would store any of your encrypted informations?

Your communications are 100% private, they can be accessed only by the private key owner. Keep it safe.

G999 App requires no registration or private informations, the whole registration process is actually a wallet creation. You can use your current G999 wallet to start a conversation or you can generate a new wallet, deposit G999 and start sending private chats or voice messages. The information is directly broadcasted via G999 & Storj blockchains, split for more security and privacy.

Blockchain Voice and Chat Broadcasting

Once encrypted, the message is broadcasted in the blockchain as a hex using your private key, and only the receiver can decrypt it.

To open a new chat, you must enter the blockchain public key of your interlocutor, optionally set up an alias, deposit G999 for credits, and start chatting. One more proof of security is the latency of the messages, most of them will be delivered within 60 seconds, but not instantly, and this is the time result of a validated block over the G999 blockchain.

To add an extra layer of confidence, we made the math, and the odds of correctly guessing or hacking into a private key it is the same as guessing a coin toss 256 times in a row.

Open Encrypted
Telecommunication API

In contrast to a private API, an open API is publicly available for all developers to access. We allow developers, outside the G999 workforce, to access blockchain data that can then be used to enhance their own communications applications.

Our open APIs can significantly increase transaction volume making our blockchain a very widely mass adopted technology.

APIs can be a service for the blockchain developers. Every time developers write a new communication program, they don’t have to start from scratch to build a blockchain core application that tries to do everything.

Instead, they can contract out our blockchain responsibilities by using already created API that does the job better.

Why Are Businesses Adopting Blockchain APIs?

Our communication APIs provide businesses with the cutting-edge privacy needed to stay safe in our vastly growing world of technology. Communication APIs are a cost-effective way of allowing extensive communications internally and externally, increasing productivity, efficiency, and collaboration while keeping integration pains at a minimum.

The G999 Blockchain API makes using private communication services even easier. Our fully-featured interface lets anyone with web development skills create voice and messaging applications, and our API includes a load of helpful how-to guides, sample code, and API help libraries to get you started.

Bandwidth VS Blockchain Communication APIs

Bandwidth owns and operates one of the largest All-IP Voice Networks in the nation. On top of that network, they have built a full suite of communication APIs that provides services that enable voice, messaging, 911 access, and phone numbers. Aiming to grow with you while controlling all of your private life.

Blockchain is fully decentralized, which is the highest proof of privacy. On top of it, we built our own technology, which allows communication APIs to build your own apps. Like any other new technology, it has to be first understood and adopted in mass to evolve.

We invite you to discover a new world. A private one.

Zero Cost

There is no cost to use our API. Completely open. Forever free.

Privacy Usage

We don't request any private information from our developers.

Free Support

We are here to help you integrate it into any programming language.

World-Class Assistance

G999 Blockchain offers a highly scalable decentralized telecommunication API that enables you to access multiple public services, hence anyone can develop their own private chat, voice messaging, or email apps with the help of the G999 blockchain.

This is indeed a unique, open service, which was developed based on a 100% decentralized blockchain, where no single party has full control over any information. The communication is made through a G999 wallet address, where all the information is encrypted with a private key, sent through a transaction in the blockchain over a hex message, and decrypted by the receiver. Access all these great features using our free API.

We are here to offer you the best support and free assistance to integrate with G999 blockchain solutions. Contact us and you will receive a complete walkthrough G999 blockchain while you share your vision with us.